vitmate apk Download kaise kare, How to download vitmate apk

vitmate apk Download kaise kare, How to download vitmate apk

vitmate apk :-  His name is vitmate apk . In this article we discuss about what is Vitmate app, How to use vitmate app, how to earn money gram vitmate apk, how to download vitmate apk, how to create vitmate account and also discuss vitmate apk is legal or not. vitmate apk

how to downoad vitmate apk

Vitmate apk is an app from which you can easily download videos or audio of youtube, instagram, facebook, twitter, tik tok, and also download larger TV serials and comedy from this app.

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vitmate apk Download kaise kare, How to download vitmate apk

However, this app is not available on the play store. Because play store has a privacy policy. That this app does not follow. So it is not available on the playstore. How ever this app was first on playstore then deleted later. This is the proprietary app of the uc browser. Alibaba and uc browser would come to be owned by this same company. This is available on both platform app mobile and computer. Use this app to Windows and ios in PC. However, the entire target for the app is easily downloadable with all sorts of videos and audio.

There are many features in this app. Which makes it better than other youtube, instagram’s video download app. Here are some of the features: vidmate 2020

Vitmate Apk Feature


  • Best Quality-

Both video or audio is available for best quality in the vitmate app. The video in this app can download videos from 3gp to HD, 720p full HD. The same way that you can download audio from 128 KBPS to 360 KBPS quality. You can download it by selecting what quality you want.vitmate apk 


  • vitmate apk download Image Download-

From the vitmate app, you can download the wishing image or images like good morning, good night, or a festival like the  diwali and Holi. This feature is very good in this app. This type of feature is rarely seen in this app.

  • Movies Download-

With the vitmate app, you can see any old movie or new movies. And also download them. The quality of the movie you want. Watch or download it online.

  • Fast Downloading-

The vitmate app downloads the audio or video in pocket. Setting up its downloading speed. This feature allows you to download content quickly. If you want to download a movie fast. So vitmate apk do you have best option.

  • Download Whatsapp Status-

With the vitmate app, you can download all types of status for your whatsapp, whether it’s romantic or simple. You can also download good morning, good night, and wishing video status. In a  good quality.

  • Download tik tok videos-

You can download a tik tok video very easily with the help of vitmate apk . There are several videos on tik tok.  Which are not downloaded from the tik tok app. So you can download that video without a hassle with those links.

  • Download Social Media Videos-

You can download videos from any social media such as facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. Social media videos are available in this app. In addition, you can copy the links to those videos and paste them into the search box of vitmate app.

  • Earn Money-

You can also earn money from this app. It’s up to you to get daily coin. Apart from this, there is also money for downloading the app from vitmate. Also if you invite your friends to download the vitmate app from your link. So you get lots of COINS. These conins are  convert into money. You can even take a withdraw with paytm.

  • Hide Content-

The best feature in vitmate app is content hiding. In the vitmate app, you can hide any video or audio by attaching the security code. If you have a video or audio like that. You will not be able to keep in gallery. You can add content that you want in this app. You must generate a security code to store it in this app. Use a security code to hack it. Until someone enters the code. then the content will not show. This is the best feature of this app. That ‘s what most people are like. That face such a problem. They’re content. That they want to keep hidden. So for them it ‘s a nice feature. – vitmate apk

Let us talk now. How and where you can download  vitmate apk. 

How to Download vitmate apk

As we have said above. That vidmate will not get you on playstore. Because the playstore has its own privacy policy. That this app does not follow. So it has been removed from playstore. To download this app, you will need to go to its website. Or you can search in Google. ‘Download vidmate app’. You will find several websites. Where you can download this app from. Will give you link of the download vidmate app below in this paragraph. Click on which to download vidmate app. Follow the steps below to download them.

– firstly click the given below download link. Then you will see a interface. Where you will get  download vidmate option. Now you will click this option.

– after click this option. We can download successfully vitmate apk.

How to create Account

It is very easy to create account on vidmate 2020. You can still use vitmate without creating an account. But if you want to earn money from the vidmate app. Then you have to create an account. See step by step. That what to do to create account.

1- After the downloading vidmate 2020 app. Firstly you have open this app.

2- A new interface will now open in front of you. Where you will be asked to select a language.

3- after that you will go to home page of this app.

4- Once you get to the home page, you’ll see four options below. It will have an option of ‘Me’. Click on this option

5- Now open a new interface. Where you will see ‘Sign Up’ option. Click this option for create new account.

6- Now open a new page. Where you get three option (Mobile no, Google Account, Facebook Account) for sign up. Which is better for you. Sign it up

7- Here we will show you by signing up from a mobile number. First, you need to select your country’s code. After that you have to put the mobile number.

8- after this,click the next option

9- Now open a new page. Where you entered Nick name. And select the gender.

10- after this, click on the next option

11- after that open a new page, where you will choose the photo and click the ‘start’ option.

After following all the steps mentioned above, you’ll find that your vidmate account has been created successfully.

How to use it

Let us talk now. That you have to use vitmate apk download app how. The vitmate is easy to use. Now we will see How to download a video or audio from here.

For that you have to first come to vitmate‘s home page. You will see the search box above. Whatever content you’ve downloaded here. It has to type on it. Like if you have to download the ‘bahubali’ movie. So you need to search for this bahubali movie. Or besides if you’ve watched bahubali movies on youtube. And want to download it. So you’ll have to first copy the link to the movie from youtube. And then, enter here the link in the search box. And make a search.

Any movies you’ve searched for. He will see. As shown in the image below.

You’ll see movies you’ve searched for. That will appear. If you want to view it online. Then click on it. Or if you want to download it. This is the download option on the side. Click on it. As shown in the image below.

Vidmate Apk is Legal or Not

This dought is available to be seen in most people. People are confused. Whether the vidmate app is leagle or not. Because this app is not available in the playstore. That is why most people talk. That vidmate is not legal. Because which app is legal. He is available on playstore. The illigal app is removed from the playstore.

Vidmate is also legal. And is also illegal. Because there is many such fature on vidmate. Which is illegal. If you’re done downloading apps from vidmate. So this is absolutely legal. But if that is the case. Downloading youtube videos from vidmate app is not a legal term at all. Because youtube does all of the allow to view their videos. Download is not allowed. Besides, lots of adult site is available at vidmate app. From where you can watch or download the adult video. Which is illegal in many countries like India. This is all the reason. That vitmate apk download has not been kept at the play store.


This is a best app for vitmate apk download youtube videos. You can also make money with it. But it ‘s not a legal app. We don ‘t promote this app or illegal content in any way. This article is only written to give you information. We are not promoting this site in any way. They also urge you. That you stay away from such a site. 

vitmate apk download

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